The Manhasset Chamber of Commerce welcomes residents and the business community to our wonderful town.  As you might know, Manhasset is nestled on the North Shore of Long Island, a short 30-minute train ride to New York City.  Many of our resident’s commute into New York City to work in the legal, fashion, finance, consulting, heath care, tech, entertainment, or advertising pursuits. An equal amount is employed locally or on Long Island in similar areas, and ones that might include construction, real estate or food delivery service.  As we know, this milieu may evolve if not be turned upside down. 

The Board of the Manhasset Chamber recognizes that the Corona Virus pandemic has blurred the lines of Manhasset being a bedroom community of New York City.  Now our residents might work from home, or tend to work in offices that might be closer to home.  As technology has increased productivity and mobility, the natural beauty of our parks and downtown have become even more relevant.  Take the Manhasset Library as an example.  Common knowledge 25 years ago thought as the internet and access to knowledge increased, Libraries would become a dinosaur.  Nothing further from truth.  Today our Library is more vibrant than ever with services and programs from young to old at our beckoned call.

Our Chamber seeks to advocate and assist local businesses as they tweak their business models to fit new behavioral trends post pandemic. Even if shopping on the internet is more common than ever, local shopping may just be as relevant as residents seek interaction that they sorely miss from laptop browsing.  Coffee shops may transition from commuter grab and go, to a destination for customers beyond the borders of Manhasset.  With that in mind the Chamber must be nimble to assist where it can to drive our local commercial activity.  We seek to attract customers to our local businesses.

Some of our newer members have done an incredible job interjecting new ideas.  For example, Dawn Tennenbaum (Mosquito Hunters of Northern Nassau County) is our secretary and helped Diane Harragan (Coach Realtor) with beautification.  Ryan Martin (ProMet Physical Therapy and Performance) and Antonietta Manzi (Shop Manhasset/byTina Design) are working on Manhasset Al fresco, a closing Plandome Road idea in the evening for local businesses.  Kim Jones (Manhasset Living Publisher) is working on web site interaction. Board member Robbie Donno has been spear heading a drive to add sewer system to Plandome Road and possibly Bayview section.  This project will achieve multiple goals.  First and foremost, it will reduce the cost of food service establishments to rid waste.  It will also remove the source of deposits of waste that find their way to Manhasset Bay, and improve our natural environment for our children.  The sewer project is one way the Chamber can get behind processes that can enhance commercial activity.  By working with our local partners, like the Manhasset Greater Council, the Town of North Hempstead and Nassau County, we can bring some sensibility to the ability of those wishing to start a business in Manhasset from dream to reality.  We all know Manhasset will thrive when our businesses are succeeding.  The goal of the Manhasset Chamber is to enhance  the ability of commercial endeavor to grow and prosper.   

The Officers and directors of the Manhasset Chamber encourage all residents to join our Chamber. You do not have to own or operate a business to join.  You just have to recognize that commerce drives prosperity.  Indeed, Manhasset is blessed with a highly educated, highly motivated populous.  As we harness our collective wisdom and skills, our downtown can be a jewel of Long island and New York State.  Come join us as we build our new yellow brick road.   We thank our two past Presidents, Stephanie Solomon and Elizabeth Johnson for their service and contribution.  All effort matters in our amazing community.

Matt Donno and Bill Hannan, Co-Presidents