Adopt a Pole/Planter Program

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Dear Prospective Sponsor, You are cordially invited to help make Plandome Road more inviting and attractive for shoppers and residents by supporting the Manhasset Chamber of Commerce’s 21st Annual Adopt-a-Pole/Planter program.

A local florist is providing drought resistant plants for our light poles and planters. The Chamber wishes to especially thank the Town of North Hempstead for agreeing to water the plants again this year. Without their generous commitment, it would not be possible to have beautiful, living plants hanging from the top of the light poles and overflowing from the freestanding planters and keep them thriving throughout the summer.

Residents, organizations and merchants are invited to participate in the Adopt-a-Pole/Planter program by obtaining registration details on the Chamber’s website or by sending payment in the enclosed self-addressed envelope. Plaques indicating the sponsor’s name will be displayed on the light poles and planters. Sponsors will also be acknowledged in the local papers and the Chamber’s website at the beginning of the summer. Plaques allow you to highlight your family name, the name of your business, company or professional office. Other ideas for tributes include purchasing: to honor a person, in memory of someone or joining with others to share the cost of a hanging plant or planter.

Beautification is a key aspect of community development and the Chamber strongly believes a pleasant community appearance adds to home values, helps attract business investments and improves the neighborhood reputation. Our goal is to make Plandome Road more attractive to its residents and visitors and create a culture that understands the importance of aesthetics. Your support will help us achieve this goal.

We welcome your ideas and input as we continue our efforts to Beautify Manhasset.


Diane Harragan Co-Chairperson (516-627-0120)
The Manhasset Chamber of Commerce Executive Committee

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