Adopt a Pole Program/Planter

a pole

Dear Sponsor and Prospective Sponsor

You are cordially invited to help make Plandome Road more inviting and attractive for shoppers and residents by supporting the Manhasset Chamber of Commerce’s 17th annual Adopt-a-Pole/Planter program.
A local florist is growing drought resistant hot pink geraniums for the planters. The Chamber wishes to especially thank the Town of North Hempstead for agreeing to water the plants again this year; without that generous commitment, it would not be possible to have beautiful living plants on top of the poles and keep them thriving throughout the summer.

Residents, organizations, and merchants are cordially invited to participate in the Adopt-a-Pole/Planter program and obtain registration details by clicking on the link below. Plaques indicating the sponsor’s name and/or message are displayed on the poles so please include your message for your plaque along with your payment. Sponsors will be acknowledged in the local papers as well as on the Chamber website June 30.

Besides advertising the name of your business or company or professional office, other ideas for tributes include: purchasing one in the name of your family; in honor of a person; in memory of a person; and, joining with others to share the cost of one pole. Please contact me at 627-0120 if you have any questions.

Thank you for your support.


Diane Harragan
Adopt-a-Pole Chairperson son

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