Coalition for Safer Manhasset

Coalition for a Safer ManhassetThe Coalition for a Safer Manhasset was established in 2005 by two Manhasset residents who were very concerned about the lack of pedestrian and vehicular safety on Plandome Road.

CSM’s goal is to make Plandome Road a safer “pedestrian-friendly” thoroughfare along the business district from Northern Boulevard to Webster Avenue, covering a distance of 0.6 mile.  Yes, it’s only six-tenths of a mile.

They saw the problems on a daily basis.
Traffic often moves much faster than the 30 mph speed limit, many U-turns are performed despite the signs stating they are not permitted on Plandome Road, and pedestrians are often at an unsafe disadvantage, especially when trying to cross the road.

And they knew there are easy solutions.

The CSM knows that Manhasset residents want to be safe and keep their families and neighbors safe too. They want their children to be able to cross the road in safety and they want their elderly parents and relatives to be able to do the same.

With gentle reminders from CSM, drivers and pedestrians are becoming more aware of the need for safety and are being more vigilant and careful. We see much positive progress and we hear a lot of positive feedback from our community.

Supporters of the CSM include all the women’s clubs in Manhasset, the Manhasset Chamber of Commerce, the Manhasset Clergy Association, the Manhasset SCA, and all the civic associations. A list of supporters appears on the CSM’s letterhead and brochures.